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Our AirArmour™ Process Neutralizes Meth, Mold, and Bacteria.

As an industry, remediation companies are required to set up containment barriers throughout homes and commercial buildings, primarily to avoid cross contamination within the building being remediated. With the decontamination solutions that HISCO Environmental uses, there no longer is a need for all this labor. The products used in our AirArmour™ process are nontoxic, naturally biodegradable, and are administered through a variety of applications (fogging, spraying, foaming). Other methods used such as, bleach, ozone and ultraviolet light have proven ineffective and hazardous. While settled spores and hyphal fragments may be vacuumed from contaminated surfaces with some degree of success, often byproducts cannot be removed without damage, or leaving residues of mycotoxins and microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOC’s).

AirArmour™ Process vs. Biocides

The contrast between the AirArmour™ Process and a biocide is critical. The products used in the AirArmour™ Process have a three (3) part nontoxic solution that attacks the contaminate and mycotoxins. When using a biocide, the spore may rupture releasing sub microbial particles coated with toxic chemicals. Straight application of disinfectants or stabilizers that destroy the mold cell wall and wash away its vegetative state may not neutralize the associated chemical toxicant. These particles may be inhaled leading to adverse affects. Using the AirArmour™ Process removes chemical by-products such as VOC’s and mycotoxins. The allergenic properties of mold spores are eliminated. Toxic and odorous affects of mold by-products are also neutralized. The mycotoxins then become non-viable; as listed with the EPA, a non-viable spore is NOT considered a public health risk.

Importance of the AirArmour™ Process to the Remediation Industry

When using the AirArmour™ Process, a “safe zone” will be in effect for several hours. This dwell time is when damaged materials may be safely removed from the structure. Materials affected by contaminates may be effectively treated after remediation procedures as long as there is no structural damage. Textiles may also be treated as per the manufactures protocol. The HVAC system is also a huge concern. With our solution, we turn the fan on and fog directly into the cold air return, pulling the solution throughout the entire duct system. Cross—contamination is not a concern! HISCO Environmental offers the only 100% safe process that completely deactivates a broad spectrum of chemical and biological contaminates, and neutralizes mycotoxins and other toxic compounds. Our exclusive process penetrates every square inch of your structure, eliminating dangerous by-products of contaminates and their toxins. Active mold spores can create new outbreaks within days. Unlike other processes, the AirAmour™ Process inactivates mold spores.

Why Fog?

Fogging (particulate sizes ranging from 1—30 microns) is particularly effective in the decontamination of areas where other applications would be difficult to administer, if not impossible to reach. Since most mold spores range in size from 3-20 microns, the use of fog ensures that the solution will reach all surfaces where contaminants have settled. Respirable particles are less than 7.5 microns with those more than 2.5 microns being the most dangerous. These particles are able to lodge in lung tissue where they can be infused directly into the blood stream.

Reasons for using the AIR ARMOUR™ Process

  • Safe
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic – Safe for homes, businesses, hospitals, schools or institutions, churches and government buildings.
  • Naturally bio-degradable.
  • Neutralizes and kills most known bacterial, fungal, viral, and chemical agents (complete structure decontamination).
  • Dramatically more effective than conventional ways of remediation. No use for negative air (full structure containment).
  • Tested effective against the worst mycotoxin producing strains of mold for total neutralization.
  • Extensively field tested and used by the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Military, law enforcement, and independent laboratories.
  • Perfect for contamination neutralization in HVAC equipment.
  • Easy application – fog, spray, or foam.
  • Advocate for the homeowner in dealing with their insurance companies including: USAA, Nationwide, State Farm, Allstate, Auto Owners of America, Amica Mutual, The Hartford, Lititz Mutual, and more.
  • Other products available for decontamination of carpet, laundry, surface clean, and hand sanitizer.
  • Average 1/3 the cost of conventional remediation.
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