Methamphetamine Decontamination

HISCO Environmental, LLC is the premier methamphetamine decontamination company in the United States. We offer the most cost-effective, efficient and unobtrusive means of removing contaminants from illegal and hazardous ‘meth lab’ dwellings, back to completely safe environments. Please contact us for professional meth lab remediation and cleanup services.

Oxidizer Decontamination of Building Materials Contaminated with Methamphetamine

Please contact us for professional meth lab remediation and cleanup services.
John W. Martyny, Ph.D., CIH – Associate Professor – National Jewish Medical and Research Center – Division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences :

Concerns regarding chemical contamination associated with the clandestine production of methamphetamine have been realized for some time. Work conducted by National Jewish Medical Center Researchers has documented a number of the contaminants generated at clandestine laboratories and the presence of some of these contaminants in actual methamphetamine laboratory investigations.

Research conducted by our group has indicated that the contamination associated with these clandestine methamphetamine laboratories does not end when the laboratory ceases operation. Simulated methamphetamine cooks conducted by our group have demonstrated that a number of compounds may persist after the cook has been completed. Initial testing revealed that shortly after a clandestine cook, levels of iodine, hydrogen chloride, and methamphetamine were found at the site even though the bulk chemicals may have been removed. The largest contaminant was found to be the drug, methamphetamine, itself. Methamphetamine was found to aerosolize during the salting-out phase conducted during all current production methodologies. It is released as an aerosol and can contaminate most surfaces within a structure. Our research also indicated that the methamphetamine continues to be present within the structure for some period of time (months to years).

Read more about the above Final Oxidizer Decontamination Study by Dr. John W. Martyny.

Reasons for using the AIR ARMOUR™ Process

  • Safe and Effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic – Safe for homes, businesses, hospitals, schools or institutions, churches and government buildings.
  • Naturally bio-degradable.
  • Neutralizes and kills most known bacterial, fungal, viral, and chemical agents (complete structure decontamination).
  • Dramatically more effective than conventional ways of remediation. No use for negative air (full structure containment).
  • Tested effective against the worst mycotoxin producing strains of mold for total neutralization.
  • Extensively field tested and used by the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Military, law enforcement, and independent laboratories.
  • Perfect for contamination neutralization in HVAC equipment.
  • Easy application – fog, spray, or foam.
  • Advocate for the homeowner in dealing with their insurance companies including: USAA, Nationwide, State Farm, Allstate, Auto Owners of America, Amica Mutual, The Hartford, Lititz Mutual, and more.
  • Other products available for decontamination of carpet, laundry, surface clean, and hand sanitizer.
  • Average 1/3 the cost of conventional remediation.
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