Sewer Backup Decontamination

When a sewage disaster occurs in a home or business, it’s critical that the affected area is cleaned and disinfected to minimize the potential for disease and other airborne pollutants.

Our Air Armour™ Process Decontamination Solution will draw the sewage contamination into the liquid, chemically altering the hazard, rendering the contamination harmless. Air Armour™ revolutionizes the remediation process, restoring indoor air quality in as little as 24 hours at a fraction of the cost of traditional remediation.

Air Armour™ is environmentally friendly and does not require containment or hazardous waste disposal. The Air Armour™ process restores environmental hygiene, as it reduces the concentration of air and surface contamination to undetectable levels. Please contact us for your sewer backup decontamination needs.

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